Doweltech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Rotating Equipment Service & Repair                                                                      

    Doweltech is dedicated to providing the highest quality

    rotating equipment repair. We maintain the industry's

    most qualified staff of machinists, technicians, rotating

    equipment specialists and engineers.

    Experienced personnel are dedicated to quality service

    and are trained and experienced in state-of-the-art

    repair techniques.  Our technical expertise is coupled

    with an understanding of your needs & a desire to

    provide solutions that work for you and your company.


Repair and Maintenance of all Types and Brand of Rotating Equipment                          

    Outstanding Service, in conjunction with Quality Excellence, is our standard commitment

   to all of your repair and service needs.                              


         Centrifugal Pump


                Fire Pump


                Rotary Feeder


                  Gear Box  


Vertical Cantilever Pump


Mixed Flow Impeller Repair


Double Suction Pump

Products Repaired:                     


 - Centrifugal Pumps                 

- Boiler Feed Pumps                         

- Lobe Blowers                  

 - Vacuum Pumps

- Cooling Water Pumps 

- Descale Water Pumps 

 - Rotary Feeder

- Fire Pumps 

- Chemical Pumps 

 - Circulating Pumps

- Split Case Pump 

- Gearboxes 

 - High pressure Multistage Pumps          

- Vertical Turbine Pumps 

- Babbitted Bearings 

Boiler Feed Pump


Vertical Mixed Flow Pump


Descale Water Pump


Lobe Blower

Cooling Water Pump

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