Doweltech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

New Pump Parts & Equipment Supply 


    Our primary objective is to become the supplier of choice in the manufacturing and supplying of rotating

    equipment spare parts. We can analyse the material composition and hardness of customers’ parts

    to manufacture identical components to the same specifications.


            Full Machine Shop Capabilities

          - Can replicate any OEM part

          - Can supply any standard material

          - Short lead time delivery

          - Competitive pricing

          - Warranty same as OEM with 1 Year


    Our team of experienced engineers use the latest CAD and 3D modelling software, supported by CMM

    measuring techniques, to be able to re-engineer your spare parts even from damaged or worn samples.


    A major advantage for support and service on obsolete machinery or where the OEM is no longer able 

    to provide the service required.



                     Shaft Sleeves                                                             Diffusers                                                             Journal Bearings


Pump Parts Supply Included:                     


 - Pump Shafts                               

- Pump Impellers                        

- Pump Rings                

 - Pump Casings

- Casing Covers

- Pump Shaft Sleeves      

 - Bearing Housings

- Bearing Covers

- Bushings 

 - Nut & Bolts

- Side Plates 

- Couplings

 - Journal Bearings        

- Diffusers 

- Pump Spare parts 

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                Typical parts supply:

                          Pump Shaft

                          Pump Rings

                         Pump Impeller

                         Pump Casing


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